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Just in time for Valium-times Day, DoDTR is extremely pleased to bring you the new recording by Bay Area’s finest Jakobean, “Lions Never Die”! Recorded over the course of 2013 in San Francisco, CA and Honolulu HA; “Lions Never Die” is a liturgy of hope in the face of darkness. Available for free NOW at the DoDTR store (or throw the artist a few bucks if you can, no minimum…)

Stay tuned for announcements on a CD release of “Lions Never Die” as well as other DoDTR releases soon to be reissued in physical form for the first time!
Happy Día de los Muertos everyone!

One year ago today, Den of Dead Trees Recordings was started with the release of the first ØØnull record "Excerpts from an Untitled Ambient Noise Experiment". Now, a year in, with an amazing set of releases from artists like Drinking Coffee From Counselor Troi's HeadUnholy Analog NoisemachineCrucifix EyeJakobeanKopfschmerztablette, Jared Butler & Cory Thrall, Calm Inferno Archives, Barrowlands and more to come!

And now, on this Día de los Muertos we bring you the long gestating full-length from holy filament, YEAR ONE!!! Based on the DC Comics limited series Batgirl: Year One...Available RIGHT NOW from the DoDTR store as a pay what you want (no minimum) download, and soon to be released as a limited cassette on FERAL FANG MEDIA! Got a couple bucks to throw our way to fund the new physical release arm of DoDTR? GREAT! Don't have the extra cash but still want the record? Thats GREAT TOO! 

Thank you to everyone who has released records with DoDTR or allowed Holy Filament to play live with them! We wouldn't be here without your support...

Out today, DoDTR is pleased to announce the release of the latest release from San Jose, CA dark ambient masters (calm inferno archives) [Ryan Tomasello of Blood Into Water/Osaka Bondage/Guano fame]! "Joining You" contains four tracks designed to take you on a somnambulant journey to the farthest reaches of space! The perfect album for a rainy day...Grab yourself a copy NOW FREE at the DoDTR store!
Today, the weather outside the DoDTR offices is nice and sunny, so what better time to bring some gritty, dark, hauntingly beautiful noise to your ear holes! "the Zodiax" is the latest release from DoDTR artist Jared Butler & Cory Thrall! 7 tracks of painfully beautiful noise, it's the perfect soundtrack for getting lost in the city of your choice, or wandering abandoned wooded trails…Grab your copy NOW FREE at the DoDTR store!
Today DoDTR is pleased to announce the release of the first demo from Portland, OR atmospheric black metal band Barrowlands! Forged out of the ashes of PDX bands Mary Shelley and Lykaia, Barrowlands are a force to be reckoned with! Go grab this demo NOW for free or throw these guys a couple bucks when you pick it up...Available exclusively through Den of Dead Trees Recordings and the band itself...
Today, Den of Dead Trees brings you this live set of holy filament performing a piece entitled "Another Dead Hero (for Bill Hicks)" from last months Sacramento Audio Waffle! Recorded live on the anniversary of Bill Hicks death. Available for FREE DOWNLOAD NOW at the DoDTR store!
Today marks the release of the new EP by holy filament! The "Afterglow EP" is the lead up to the upcoming holy filament full-length called "Year One"...Containing one track from the "Year One" album and one non-album track. Inspired by the Batgirl: Year One limited series from DC Comics...Check it out NOW FOR FREE at the DoDT store!
Just in time for Valium-Times Day, Den of Dead Trees Recordings is pleased to announce the release of "Two Years of Noise Terrorism - Unholy Analog Noisemachine 2010-2012". Collecting 4 fan favorites (picked by fans), two previously unreleased tracks and one live performance from the unrelenting Belgian noise master! Available for free download NOW at the Den of Dead Trees store!
Today Den of Dead Trees is pleased to announce two new releases by Crucifix Eye and holy filament!

First up is the EP "Dance" by Crucifix Eye. Den of Dead Trees received this three track EP from an anonymous submitter with only these words to accompany the release - "This is not sound created by an artist. This is the human being as a tool to take out of the imagery what is already there. All actions are subconscious and all initiative is with the visual." Three tracks of breakcore-influenced noise that will pummel you into submission!

Next up we have the latest single from Den of Dead Trees flagship artist holy filament. "Sleazy is the Controller" is a 7 minute composition of improvised industrial noise for modified TG Gristleism and Monotron analog synth. Recorded in tribute to the late, great Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson of Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV/Coil fame.

Both are available for FREE DOWNLOAD at the Den of Dead Trees store!
Today, Den of Dead Trees Recordings is pleased to announce it's latest release from Jared Butler & Cory Thrall of Darph/nadeR fame! "Under the Cellar Door" finds the guys exploring improvised bass experimentation and mixing it in with grimy, noisy electronics manipulation; evoking the feeling of wandering around an abandoned house in a ghost town that only appears for one day every 100 years. I love this record (and not just because I'm the one releasing it for the guys...) and it's been in heavy rotation on my stereo since they sent it over to me...Check it out NOW at the Den of Dead Trees store...